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Shannon Zelenka, PT

As owner and founder of Shannon Zelenka Physiotherapy, which was estabiished in 2006, my practice focus is providing one on one, 50 minute length sessions, that encompasses the treatment of the injury and an holistic assessment of the individual's motion and function. During the session, manual therapy, neuromuscular re-education and perineural trigger point dry needling will be provided as appropriate. 


As a highly skilled, trained Australian physical therapist, massage, joint mobilizations and manipulations will be used to address your injury, whether it is due to muscle spasms, disc irritation or spine/peripheral related instabilities.

Use of muscular and perineural trigger point dry needling is on the forefront of treating chronic pain, neuropathies and tendonitis, without the use of pharmaceuticals, while involved the skilled placement of a monofilament dry needle and multi-frequency electrical stimulation.  As your treatments progress, each clients treatment program will be progressive to incorporate a segmental stabilization program from whiplash clinic training at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia and Pilates certified instructor training, that has grounded my theory of core stabilization and progressed my graded exercise prescription. 

With 18 years of experience in physiotherapy, including sports physical therapy with the sports clinic, Howard Head, of Vail, Colorado, my focus and goal will be able to empower you to understand your body, reduce any compensation patterns of movement, and alleviate the pain that is preventing you from life's quests.  

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