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What Can Trigger Point Dry Needling Treat?

Trigger Point Dry Needling is a safe alternative to cortisone injections, for reducing inflammation, pain, and improving blood flow in the case of tendonitis. Cortizone injections are limited to 3 injection, in the same location, over a 6 month period, due to potential tissue breakdown.  Trigger point dry needling can be safely used, without limitation caused by tissue breakdown, to improves tissue healing, blood flow and nerve and muscle tissue conduction.

Spinal Instabilities that need the re-education of stabilization muscles, longus colli, longus capitus and multifidus that support the cervical and lumbar spin, benefit from the use of trigger point dry needling with the electrical stimulator. The muscle tissue of these small segmental stabilizers, physiologically become filled with  fatty infiltrate, and are unable to contract or have much endurance to stabilize after a spinal injury. Use of the electrical stimulation can reset their activation patterns and assist in rebuilding segmental strength and endurance.

Migraine and Stress Induced Headaches, classically have a muscle tension component, that benefits from the release of these muscles that are either compressing nerves or refer to the head. 

Fibromyalgia which is diagnosed as a series of trigger points all over the body that cause chronic pain and fatigue often respond favorably to trigger point dry needling because of the release of the muscle nodules. 

Jaw Pain and Instabilities caused by overly tight muscles or muscle imbalances that lead to clicking, catching, popping, locking or pain with chewing or yawning, can gain rebalance of function and pain relief. 

Chronically inflamed neural tissue can be healed with the use of the  perineural needling approach, and the use of a 150-200Hz electrical stimulation frequency, that causes a release of endogenous opiods, much the same effect as opiod pain medications.

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